Education: A Value that Unites Us?

A Feature by Dr. Vincent Cotter on Michael Smerconish’s Smerconish.com

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While it is understandable that schools may want to compare themselves to others with similar demographics and challenges, at what point is it acceptable to be satisfied with mediocrity, let alone failure? Yes, an organization can learn a lot from failure, but in this case, the failures are decades long. Even more tragic is that governmental oversight continues to reinforce these outcomes with a continuous stream of funding without any serious attempts at eliminating the “root cause” of the problem. Unfortunately, parents often realize too late that ineffective educational practices do little to prepare their children for life, and tragically these failing practices restart the cycle of failure over again. Read the full article at smerconish.com


Education: A Value that Unites Us?

A Feature by Dr. Vincent Cotter on Michael Smerconish’s Smerconish.com


It is somewhat of an oxymoron to suggest that educational institutions have the potential to resolve our fractured political and social issues which have polarized America into distinct ideological camps, particularly when you consider the extent of its self-imposed controversies. Parental rights, curriculum content, gender identification, and school admission practices have many leaders failing to see “the forest for the trees.” Read the full article at smerconish.com

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Leaning Into the Future

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Leaning into the Future

Building Beyond the Post-COVID-19 New Normal


“Leaning into the Future successful flips the narrative from one of reaction to proactivity. Understanding how to resolve complex issues without internal chaos is an art. We often only get one opportunity to “get it right.” Leaning into the Future provides all leaders with that opportunity.”— Francis Barnes, former PA Secretary of Education, former Superintendent of Schools

“The concept of “leaning forward” is an established action in a number of fields: athletics, leadership, military, etc. Dr. Cotter takes the notion of “leaning forward” and focuses “laser like” upon current educational issues facing our community schools. The concepts and processes presented serve as a gateway for the coordinated efforts for all who have a vested interest in enhancing school and school district achievement.”— Harry J. Gaffney, former Regional Superintendent, School District of Philadelphia, Adjunct Professor, Saint Joseph’s University

“Now is the time to respond to the learning crisis proactively and with purpose. Cotter’s book provides a strategic guide for educational leaders to “lean forward” and address the current learning crisis in a transformational manner. Cotter outlines the need for “synertegic” leaders to commit, respond, and reinvent our schools utilizing a continuous improvement model. This book is essential reading for educators preparing to move their schools and districts “Above and Beyond.”— Michael McKenna, Director of Elementary Education, North Penn School District

In returning to the classroom, schools are at a crossroads and uniquely positioned to recreate and reinvent themselves. The current issues of equity, social-emotional sensitivity, curriculum reform, civic involvement, public health policy and environmental infrastructure are opportunities to build more responsive schools with students better prepared for the future. 

Vincent F. Cotter, as superintendent of schools, was the primary innovator of a unique school improvement program that dramatically improved student achievement, and for his efforts, he was awarded the prestigious American Society for Quality’s International Juran Medal in the field of education for sustained systemic improvement.

January 2022 • 140 pages
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