Danielson Framework for Teaching

New Services

▪ Danielson “Framework for Teaching” training by a certified Danielson-approved trainer (for new Danielson customers)
▪ Authentic Danielson materials
▪ Supporting instructional leaders to improve student outcomes through designing and implementing responsive teacher/administrative-centered professional development
▪ Building a “Collaborative” roadmap to enhance instructional practices
▪ Introducing the Framework for Teaching to teachers and administrators
▪ Training principals/observers to improve observational skills
▪ Assisting districts/schools to incorporate instructional improvement within the District’s Strategic Plan
▪ Assisting administrators to transition to a Growth-Focused observation/evaluation model
▪ Building the fundamental observation skills necessary to conduct fair and effective observations
▪ Utilizing Instructional Observation data to improve performance
Trainer Background
❖ Experienced Danielson Trainer for 10+ years
❖ Worked in all demographics (urban, suburban, rural, charter, reservation)
❖ For pricing and details contact Bob Hassler dr.b.hassler@gmail.com