Our Services

School “Turnaround” Services

School/District Performance Audits  [FREE CONSULTATION]

Full Report includes:

  • Analysis of Student Achievement
  • Document/Policies Review
  • Identification of Performance Disconnections
  • Recommendations: Immediate, Short, Long Term
  • Success Solution Strategies/Proven Higher Performance Practices

Implementation Support [FREE CONSULTATION}

  • Develop Non-Formulaic/Customized Plan
  • Create a Framework for Higher Performance
  • Identify, Explore and Assess the Foundation of Success
  • Provide Professional Activities to Transform the Culture
  • Develop a Focused Design and Plan for Improvement
  • Recommend Proven Success Practices
  • Monitor and Encourage Growth

Professional Development – Leadership Institute

  • Leadership for Higher Performance: Participants will learn to change the organizational culture to one that embraces continuous growth, an achievement based attitude, team problem solving, proven methodologies, success strategies and a belief that ALL Children Can Learn and Succeed.
  • Success Strategies for Higher Performance*: Participants will be provided with proven strategies that produce results. Attendees will learn the importance of utilizing an assessment tool to identify disconnections within the organization which will eliminate obstacles to growth and develop real sustainable action plans to address these issues.
  • Performance is Key*: Understand the interconnectedness of four critical elements that produce higher performance with schools and districts.  Participants are provided with the theory behind higher performance, the process and framework which assures success and implementation strategies that will make higher performance a reality.

Other Services

Strategic Planning – assist in developing all aspects of a Comprehensive and Dynamic Strategic Plan meeting all state requirements, as well as, addressing all aspects of the organization including:

  • assisting the district in establishing a timeline for development
  • a plan to obtain input from all constituencies including a series of community forums, surveys, and feedback opportunities a process to review existing programs
  • developing realistic and measurable goals with yearly timelines and a monitoring process with established checkpoints
  • the development of an aligned goal development process beginning at the superintendent’s level and including district personnel, building leadership, instructional and student achievement levels, and support staff departments
  • developing aligned organizational values, beliefs, mission, and vision and
  • developing an awareness, an understanding, and communication plan to engrain them in the district’s culture

Continuous Improvement Instructional Model – work with the school/district to develop and implement a continuous improvement Instructional Model that addresses:

  • a safe and orderly environment
  • creating a climate of high expectations for ALL students
  • instructional excellence/leadership
  • establishing a clear and focused mission
  • providing opportunity to learn and time on task
  • establish a results-based model to encourage frequent monitoring of student performance
  • strengthening the home/school relationship to engage all parents

Organizational Assessment

  • conduct comprehensive or targeted assessments of the district to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • creating and articulating an internal assessment system aligned to all goals, programs, and processes.

Communication Plan Development

Continuous Improvement Systemic Efficiency Model Development