Company Vision, Mission, and Beliefs

We have over 75 years of experience working in urban, suburban, rural school districts and with non-profits of all sizes.  We can assist any school/district/organization in developing a continuous improvement model to achieve improved performance and operate more efficiently


The Exemplary Schools Organization was formed to assist any school/district organization in their quest to become high performing while focusing on world class programs and practices.


The Exemplary Schools Organization provides leadership services and assistance to administrators, supervisors, board members and aspiring leaders through the application of practical and supportive solutions that focus on excellence, equity, and World Class performance.


  • We believe All students should have access to a school system that supports effective organizational strategies, methodologies and 21st century leadership that produces outcomes that maximize student performance.
  • We believe that educators, by nature, are well intentioned and work hard to develop strategic plans and to implement required initiatives, but can still benefit from the experience of veteran educators to improve the execution of their plans and initiatives.
  • We believe it is possible for all schools/districts to achieve excellence and to soar to world class levels by establishing a results-based, continuous improvement culture.    
  • We believe that a well-designed and easy to follow method with results-based, measurable goals will assist schools and districts achieve continuous improvement in student achievement and organizational performance.

  • We believe that to become high performing, an organization must address all facets of its operations.  This means that, in addition to ensuring quality curriculum and instructional and assessment practices, all support departments (maintenance, food service, transportation, etc.) must operate at high levels in order to utilize precious funds as wisely as possible.

  • We believe that high performance starts with collaborative leadership and a belief
    that improvement can take place and that high performance is within reach.