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TEXT:  Leaning into the Future – Building Beyond Post-COVID-19 New Normal

“Leaning into the Future successful flips the narrative from one of reaction to proactivity. Understanding how to resolve complex issues without internal chaos is an art. We often only get one opportunity to “get it right.” Leaning into the Future provides all leaders with that opportunity.”— Francis Barnes, former PA Secretary of Education, former Superintendent of Schools

“The concept of “leaning forward” is an established action in a number of fields: athletics, leadership, military, etc. Dr. Cotter takes the notion of “leaning forward” and focuses “laser like” upon current educational issues facing our community schools. The concepts and processes presented serve as a gateway for the coordinated efforts for all who have a vested interest in enhancing school and school district achievement.”— Harry J. Gaffney, former Regional Superintendent, School District of Philadelphia, Adjunct Professor, Saint Joseph’s University

“Now is the time to respond to the learning crisis proactively and with purpose. Cotter’s book provides a strategic guide for educational leaders to “lean forward” and address the current learning crisis in a transformational manner. Cotter outlines the need for “synertegic” leaders to commit, respond, and reinvent our schools utilizing a continuous improvement model. This book is essential reading for educators preparing to move their schools and districts “Above and Beyond.”— Michael McKenna, Director of Elementary Education, North Penn School District

Author Dr. Vincent F. Cotter
Publisher – Rowman and Littlefield

Available January 2022 • 140 pagesDiscount Code 2022
•Hardback $70.00 ISBN# 978-1-4758-6403-8
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TEXT:  Igniting School Performance A Pathway from Academic Paralysis to Excellence

Igniting School Performance” begins with a simple question. What kind of school do you want for the children in your neighborhood, town, city or county? While the question is a good starting point, other questions such as: Are you willing to make a commitment so that all schools are high performing? How do you define high performing? and How might that goal be accomplished? are equally important.

From the outset of this text, there is a focus on involving all stakeholders in the process of improving student achievement and providing an inclusive leadership approach that breaks the internal paralysis or ineptness which contributes to the ongoing status quo of underachievement in far too many schools.

Stakeholders such as board members might declare that they are interested in schools that serve their community. Superintendents might focus on schools that create individuals with the desire to be life-long learners. Teachers might indicate that schools are a place where children learn. Parents may simply express that they want the schools to be good. Further qualifying each of these responses may also yield descriptions of schools that are very different from those previously described.

Author Dr. Vincent F. Cotter
Publisher – Rowman and LittlefieldDiscount Code 2019

Hardback ISBN   #978-1-4758-5213-4  $50.00
Paperback ISBN #978-1-4758-5214-1  $25.00
eBook ISBN          #978-1-4758-5215-8  $23.50

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TEXTPerformance is Key – Connecting the Links to Leadership and Excellence

Endorsed by superintendents, a board member, and a state chief academic officer, Performance is Key provides an experienced based “hands-on” approach to improving school and district student achievement.  Not only is the research and theory provided to improve performance but a process to higher performance is outlined along with a specific assessment that identifies performance disconnections, success strategies to improve performance and activities to assist the leadership team in the implementation process.

Authors   Dr. Vincent F. Cotter
Dr. Robert Hassler
Publisher—Rowman and Littlefield

Hardback ISBN    #978-1-4758-4016-2    $58.00Book Coupon
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eBook ISBN          # 978-1-4758-4018-6   $27.50

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ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENT: School Systems Cross Check

This assessment instrument examines the interconnection of school and district processes and programs by “cross-checking” embedded performance threads in key organizational areas.  School Systems Cross Check attempts to research the existence of those threads, search for tangible, concrete “demonstrations” of the threads and make recommendations which result in a more effective organization.

Authors: Dr. Vincent F. Cotter and Dr. Robert Hassler
Publisher: Exemplary School Organization
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  • Schools Cross Check Instrument(Self Administration): Fee – $30.oo per staff member
  • Purchase Tabulation and Analysis of Results: Fee – $70.00 per staff member
  • Purchase Combination: Assessment Instrument and Analysis of Results

PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP: Performance Activity Leadership Packet

Activity Packet consists of 27 activities to assist leaders to create a culture of Higher  Performance.

Author – Dr. Vincent F. Cotter and Dr. Robert Hassler
Publisher – Exemplary Schools Organization/ Rowman and Littlefield
Cost – $30.00 per copy
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TEACHER EMPOWERMENT: Master Teacher Template

The template includes selection criteria, application and approval process.

Author–Dr. Vincent F. Cotter
Publisher – Exemplary Schools Organization/ Rowman and Littlefield
Cost – $25.00 per copy
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