Graphic that says New Year Goals

New Year’s Resolution

Jack Welch, the Executive Chairman for the Jack Welch Executive Management Institute recently posted “The Number One New Year’s Resolution Every Leader Should Make.”

His post on Linkedin suggested every organization leader should ask these questions:

  • Has the team really bought into the mission?
  • Do they understand where we’re going, and why we’re doing what we do to get there?
  • Have I made it clear to them what’s in it for them when we get there?
  • Am I celebrating their achievements, reaching the milestones we’ve established?
  • Am I coaching them in a constructive manner so that they feel that I have their back?
  • Do they always know where they stand?
  • Have I given them the freedom and authority to raise these same questions with the team?

I would also suggest that it is an excellent time for schools and districts to reflect on what is working, what is not working and to adjust course if necessary.  We often recommend mid-year Board and Leadership retreats to accomplish this task.  Take the time to celebrate but tweak what needs tweaking.

We have found that “often the subtleties in the implementation process define the difference between success and failure.”

Vincent F. Cotter, Ed.D.
Bob Hassler, Ed.D.
Co-Founders, Exemplary Schools Organization

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