We, Dr. Vincent F. Cotter and Dr. Robert Hassler, are the principals and founders of Exemplary Schools Organization. Throughout our careers, we have been successfully engaged to improve student achievement and effectiveness in schools and school districts. We have strong backgrounds in the continuous improvement process and have been very effective in school and administration reform. We have taken advantage of our years of personal experience and research to develop an approach that focuses on Alignment, AccountabilityAtmosphere and Adept Leadership in the building and reorientation of schools which, as a result of our assistance, then achieve World Class outcomes.

Collaboration, inclusion and mutual respect are essential elements in our drive for continuous improvement and satisfied clients.

We will customize our approach to address specific needs and challenges. We can help you to:

  • develop a comprehensive strategic plan that addresses every facet of your organization
  • align your strategic plan from the boardroom to the classroom
  • harness the talents of every employee group while increasing employee satisfaction
  • establish an accountability system which will ensure every member of the organization is contributing to reaching the goals of the district
  • establish a results-driven organization which utilizes data to improve performance
  • provide a down-to-earth menu of proven ideas and strategies to improve performance across the organization

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